Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Another Canada Essay -- essays research papers

When people count on of Canada and then compare itto the United States of America, they endlessly tend to think itis similar. At least I did until I started this project. I alwaysthought that Canada was a clone or mirror of America, nevertheless Iwas wrong. About 99.75% of the Canadian people considerice as something that they use in a drink or something that isalways on the road that needs salt. For the rest of theCanadians, ice is a major restriction of life. The ice can be usedas a laboursaving thing to. It could be crafted into a refrigerator. Itcould also be used as a racetrack for snowmobiles. Nowhow many ice refrigerators do you receive in America? I dontthink the temper in America and support something like that.Eighty percent of Canada is in a subartic zone. WhileAmerica sits comfortably in the tropical wet-dry toContinental humid climate zone. The main people inCanada is rested in between the January temps. of -2F and14F. Whereas Americas main population is in the 41F to32F range. For Canada, the climate reaches the extremesduring winter. About 95% of Canada is 14F and below.Americas winter is about 23F-41F. The hammydifference may have affected the difference of population.The average population in Canada is 26 people per mi. ,compared to 128 people per mi. in America. I think thatthe people are more densely populated in the US becausethe weather is more tolerable. The weather also affects whatis grown and produced in the dickens countries. Canada g...

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