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English Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 22

English - Essay Exampleby FIFA, or Federation International de Football Association which organizes the immensely popular FIFA World Cup, the sports lead-in event, once in every four years. It also regulates all levels of soccer- including the professional games on the international level, majestic competitions and youth unites. Americas National Football League or NFL is the principal professional league in the world, several other leagues forming later in North America and Europe. On par with them is the major League Soccer with many teams with fans world over, the most famous ones being A.C. Milan of Italy, Ajax Amsterdam of The Netherlands, Manchester United of England, very Madrid of Spain, Boca Juniors of Argentina, Sao Paulo of Brazil, and Colo Colo of Chile.There are certain aspects which are rough-cut to both games and rhere are some differences. What is common to both forms of soccer -association football, and American football is the fact that both require two teams with 11 players each, in which players try scoring a aim by hitting the ball into the opponents goal, using any smash of their body other than the hands requiring remarkable skills in use of feet and heads for kicking, dribbling, or passing the ball toward the goal or to another player.Important contrasts are as follows. Firstly the area of the playing fields differs which for soccer, is 90 and 120 m (100 and 130 yd) long and between 45 and 90 m (50 and 100 yd) dewy-eyed and for American football is 120 yd (110 m) long and 53 yd 1 ft (48.8 m) wide. While in soccer 11 players serve as goalkeeper, defender, midfielder, and attacker American football having no such clear definitions, the players agree to adapt to many roles.In soccer a referee single handedly decides and is assisted by two linesmen signaling when a player is offside or when a ball crosses the boundary line. In American football however there is a referee, an umpire, a linesman, a field judge, a back judge, a line judge, and a side

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Marketing, ( The All Seasons Hotel) - Assignment.4 Essay

Marketing, ( The on the whole Seasons Hotel) - Assignment.4 - Essay ExampleAll the above mentioned sectors use overseas travel as incentives to their employees as tumefy as non-employee sales agents.Product A new package with some complimentary offers is designed. It is a 2 nights, 3 days package along with banquet hall as a conference package. It in addition includes welcome drink, buffet breakfast and bed tea as complimentary offers. These compliments will be subject to the condition that the booking will be made for a minimum of 10 kiss of peace or rooms.Promotion The All Seasons Hotel will be positioned as a business convention hotel for dinky groups. Promotion would be carried out on-line with relations to contextual advertising with popular search engines alike(p) Google and others. Also the associations to which the target surgical incisions would belong would also be roped in for publicity.B. As industries like fuel, glass, china, ceramics, armaments, ferrous metallurgy, machinery and equipment and ember are prevalent in Czech Republic and also being strong in engineering, the nation can expect lot of business travelers coming from different places. In order to target this segment of consumer business, All Seasons Hotel needs to establish good industrial relations with the industries existing in their country, so that they would inspire their Hotel as a preferred place of stay to their business partners coming from other places.Intangibility is the study difference between a product and a service. For example, when a consumer decides to buy a television or a music system, he can actually see the product, touch it and can turn it on to listen or watch the quality of the picture or music. However, a service is intangible and it is unattainable to experience unless it is consumed. The quality of the service is not so easy to establish as clearly as it is done in the case of a product. Let us consider the case of a node approaching a bank to avail a bank loan. Though the customer has a forward idea about the services

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Value of Art to the People Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Value of Art to the People - render ExampleTo this end, the piece of fraud serves them a memory of what they normally refer to as the sacrifice of the Naz atomic number 18ne and so as it would naturally be expected, the value the sacrifice and thus the art dearly. The notion I develop about the people is that they are highly religious with so much emphasis on the Christian religion. From the piece of art I saw and how carefully the people have invested into the beauty and enamour of the art, it will not be out of place to say that most of the people are Christians who nurture the sacrifice of their religious leader highly. Again, I get the notion that even though there whitethorn as many popular cultures associated with the people, they are more inclined to their religious concepts than other aspects of their lives. There were dickens major components of the piece of art that was seen. The first has to do with the scene of an oval vessel with a certain(p) base. The vessel is m ade of clay and so could be said to be a ceramic art. The vessel can, therefore, hold water and food. The second scene is a tripod that has been made of stone. The color of the vessel and the stones are the equivalent but there has been any color used to create other designs on the vessel.Looking close at the piece of art, one can tell how the people value the availability of food and water, which are two of the major needs for human existence. However, the piece of art preaches that food and water can be made available only when the people come together as a collective gouge as in the case of the tripod to work together. Indeed, the vessel cannot stand if any of the three stones is removed. From the value of the art to the people, I get a notion that the people are highly hard working and gestate in the virtue of agreement. It is not surprising there is the saying among the Chinese, who are also Asians that in unity is strength.

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Rising levels of Obesity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Rising levels of Obesity - Essay specimenThese effects are long term.Consequently, the rise in corpulency rates has not only insalubrious health impacts, but also economic and social effects both at the state and world(prenominal) levels. With the mandate of the giving medication to provide efficient health care, and promote the welfare of the people, every government has a role to play in curbing the increasing rates of obesity across the world. The government is trounce positioned to implement prevention strategies through regulation of foods and drinks production, education on best dietary and physical act practices, as salubrious as treatment. This paper focuses on how governments can intervene appropriately to curb the proliferation of obesity in its population citing South African and Mexican governments as examples.The main factors leading to increased levels of obesity include increased heartiness intake, increasingly sedentary lifestyles, and changes in family and s ocial perceptions and structures (Astudio, 2013). Increased energy intake is as a result of the rise in energy dense drinks and foods, large serving sizes, wish of enough time to prepare meals at home leading most meals eaten away with high energy and fats. Besides, computer games and televisions have displaced the old active recreational activities such as riding bikes. Advanced engineering and infrastructure have reduced transport-related activities such cycling and walking. Therefore, the government ought to target these aspects to implementing intervention programs to curb obesity.The government can effectively prevent and treat obesity and overweight conditions through well-funded programs, political support, education, inter-sectorial collaboration, evidence-based planning, as well as participatory community initiatives (Astudio, 2013).The government ought to formulate and implement policies

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Word meditation Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Word meditation - engagement ExampleClearly not. In this sense then, cautious means me atomic number 18 alert and bearing solicitude to something. One might argue then that being evoke does not depend on the mortal who is awake, only if depends on the person or thing originally said person must pay attention to. Generally, were all awake for the Rolling Stones, or the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, but were not always so awake for that 6am mathematics lecture, or grandmas stories roughly how great it was to live in Ireland.Awake can be a verb one can awake and it can be an adjective he is awake. However, these descriptions dont always mean the person is awake from sleep. One can awake from past memories, or awaken from a dream. Heres a quandary can we be awake in a dream? I know Ive had dreams where Ive definitely been more attentive than during math class, dreams about flying or swimming a mile below the Atlantic Ocean, am I then more awake during these dreams than when I regularize out during math lectures? In this regard being awake is a much more confused process than people originally realize. One not only has to be awake meaning they are conscious but they suck to be conscious of being conscious in a way. They have to be so entirely conscious that there is no way they could possibly be unconscious. exactly then one must ask, is it possible to be too awake? Can one be so awake that they are no longer awake and just, well, Im not sealed what they would be then, but definitely not

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Education Policies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Education Policies - Essay ExampleThis paper seeks to explore the effect of this perception on sexual practice performance, with regard to education. Using educators experiences and studies, especially from regions where there ar strong cultural beliefs on sexual activity roles and perspectives, the study will evaluate whether girls are in fact their own enemies when they believe that men concord better cognitive skills whether boys actually perform better in sciences and dismally in other subjects perceive to be simpler and reserved for women. To achieve these objectives, the paper will consider academic sources such as books and journals as well as non-academic sources to gather qualitative data including peoples opinions attitudes and beliefs.Parker writes about the effect of gender stereotypes in teaching and learning of mathematics. It is one area where gender myths abound and is very relevant to this fructify paper. The books conclusions are important in providing causes and solutions to achieve the stated objectives..Leikin approaches the debate from an instructors viewpoint. Since teachers are alter by these stereotypes, a perusal will be necessary. The book can likewise provide appreciation on solution to attitude block to learning.Weiner explores the psychological aspects behind attitudes and how women are cultured to believe they are inferior. The book will be useful in understanding the workings of stereotypes in education. It can also suggest viable solutions for instructors and students alike.Pahlke, E., J. S. Hyde, and C. M. Allison. The Effects of Single-Sex Compared with Coeducational Schooling on Students Performance and Attitudes A Meta-Analysis. American psychological Association. 2014. Web. 6 Mar. 2015.The research focuses on teaching of boys and girls separately or in different institution. This segregation reinforces the belief of gender difference in cognition. Its conclusions will be indicative of the utility of such

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Discussion Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 80

Discussion - appellation ExampleThe problem with municipal bonds are predictable as they pay twice in a year, and a sale of the bonds virtually guarantees the present market price for the bond, which may be less or more than the first release price, obviously without the additional penalties. However they carry comparatively low touch on rate relative to the other types of securities.High yield low quality bonds are very crazy on the long haul compared to the higher quality bonds. Their vulnerability to economic and credit risk is obvious, as they are unrated from agencies such as Standard & Poors or Moody.In securities investment, it is always prudent to diversify ones investment in distinct distinguishes and categories of investment, and pooling of resources in one investment base can be counterproductive especially in high risk bonds such as the pull down quality bonds. Instead of investing in five of the 15-year corporate bonds he should have appropriated in different bon d classes. Investing in different bonds ensures that a fall in price as a result of low high interest in one class of bond is compensated with a high price as a result of low interest in another class of

Discuss the difference between Aristotle and Kant Essay

Discuss the difference surrounded by Aristotle and Kant - Essay ExampleIn ism classes, one is likely to learn about Aristotles system of propositional logic where the concepts of premises and conclusions are employ as a structure of reasoning. Contrarily, Kant lived in the 18th Century in the years 1724 - 1804. Kant was a paradigmatic philosopher who played a central role in the structuring of modern philosophy. Unlike Aristotle who was active in gothic era, Kant emerged as a key figure in the European Enlightenment periods (Graham, 23). Conventionally, Kant is alleged to have fixed the foundation of empiricism and eradicated any remaining traces of medieval reasoning in philosophy.Each of the two philosophers discussed comprehensively on the concepts of moral propriety, commonly referred to as ethics. Aristotle asserts that there is an extricable connection between psychological and physiological nature in human beings. The consciousness of sensation perceived by the trunk in the textile world serves the purpose of clothing the senses of thought and reasoning. In this context, Aristotle claimed that material knowledge perceived by the body influences immaterial thoughts, thus developing a scale for comparison between distinct objects and thoughts (Sherman, 127). This interaction between psychology and physiology experienced by human beings gives rise to the opposing concepts of virtue and crime. In this case, practical experiences bring together with sensitive existence leads to distinct realization and subsequent differentiation of good from bad. Unlike animals, human beings are in an intrinsic pursuit of favorable experiences manifesting as universal happiness. According to Aristotle, actions and thoughts that lead to happiness are called virtues, while contrary actions and thoughts are vices.According to Aristotle, the opposing concepts of virtue and vice serve as a scale for measuring extremes. Excess vice lies on one end while deficient vice l ies on another end. In this case, virtue is a mean or

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UNIX Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

UNIX - Essay Exampleat once however we are presented with the 3D interface that somehow accusingly is deemed not viable. The 3D interface has been hailed as the road to incredible virtual landscape discovery. It couples sound and graphic and enables a faster multiple charge up copying and file location.The purpose of this paper is to examine the phenomenon of 3D feature in the operating governing body of ruless of mac OS, the widespread Linux, Windows and more emphatically UNIX. Apart from its impact on the IT world we will consider a review and evaluation of multiple desktops, program impelers, file browsers, task switchers from a 3D standpoint.The UNIX system has interchange incredible number of software to a host of other software developers from Linux, Solaris, to Mac OS X. in fact their development are as a result of a component of the UNIX system. Since the UNIX operating system is to a very large extent engaged in compliance certification, multitasking, multiple users, its position is solid. some other applications mentioned earlier depend on the UNIX system server.The UNIX operating system was instrumental in the launch of the Win3D beta version interface that created a renaissance in the whole 3D environment. The basic precept was to multi task the desktop to perform more than one job than it traditionally performed. UNIX therefore provided businesses and advertisers online a good primed tool for increasing sales and entering a new dawn of marketing endeavor.The other aspect was introduction of a 3D interface that was cheap and functional in possession of a head tracking device. It also uses a WII Remote. The strength of this interface is its usage in the solid UNIX interface. The UNIX system holds some of the most incredible 3D animation, 3D ant attack and other 3D games.Linux as an operating system was developed from a minute UNIX constituent called Minix.

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Reflective Journal Literature review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Reflective journal - Literature review ExampleThe major source that I have used for collecting training was Emerald. It is a large size database of explore papers and journal articles. It results journals and research papers on approximately all the topics of business and information technology. One of the major things that I could not do in this research is some kind of original research. I mean, if I would have been given with additional timeline then I would have visited some hotels and hospitality firms to learn how they work and how they make use of information technology to sort out benefits. I would have conducted interviews and filled questionnaires. I would have used that data to derive conclusions and on the radix of those conclusions I would have suggested new ideas to improve these trends. However, I will surely perform these steps in next assignments. As the topic is very common so I found a curing of data on this topic. On the other hand, there are numerous resea rch papers which provide the same information so the selection of papers was a difficult task.

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Theories of Gender and development Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Theories of Gender and learning - Essay ExampleEmphasis will overly be made to shade light on some of the critiquing approaches to growth. This will be done in comparison to the effect of colonial masters in their application of mode of production as a bench mark to the contemporary culture. revealing the deeds of power and the capitalist mode of production (Smith 84). Women have for a long time been undermined in just about nations. The gender discrimination has been felt by most women in the society with severity varying from clownish to country and from time to time. For instance, in India, according to the census conducted in 1972, about 94% of women were either engaged in the informal sectors figureing in farms and handicrafts or remained at home taking care of the family. Because early(a) crusaders for women equality were not vocal enough in ensuring that women were given equal opportunity in matters of employment, women reliable the existence of the initial developm ent initiative without question. Therefore, the WID approach did little to improve the social and economic condition of women. The situation has however improved given the fact that society has began to recognize women in matters development. In its approach, the WID has genuinely oftentimes abided on working with women by empowering them by offering development opportunities to them through work related approaches so that women can concentrate less on home based economic activities and concentrate more on income generating activities (DAgostino and Levine 34).Whereas Women in evolution approach focuses on empowering women through self reliance projects and gender identity, Gender Development draws its focus on the gender perspective where the social and economic roles are looked at from the gender perspective rather than from the sexist approach. Gender analysis approach with respect to Gender and Development, however, explains how development projects can be pushed in the soc iety so that focus is not placed on women merely but rather on the relationships between men and women. This approach is however not very much different from the initial WID approach, the difference lies in the integration of women in development projects without isolation. This incorporation of women and men in economic development is essential to ensure that as men make yards of progress in their areas of income, women also do the same. This focus in relationship between men and women is useful at the family level. For example, if I am married and own a handcart that I use for transportation, I shall have relieved my married woman of the cost, energy and time for transporting, say her goods to the market. This is what Gender Development advocates for. In totality, I believe the Gender Development approach has advantage over the WID approach because of the pattern it follows in the integration of women in activities that are phallic dominated so that both can help in matters of n ational development instead of putting much weight on women alone. It is the Gender Development that has gained recognition worldwide and most nations are glowing in adopting it so as to improve on the per capita income of the citizen. WID has rather decided to remain relevant by advocating for what women can do in order to promote development (Razavi and Miller 19). However, there have emerged unlike critiques to the GAD and the WID approaches by various scholars

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Capital Projects and Strategic Direction Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Capital Projects and Strategic Direction - Essay fashion model(Bender & Ward, 2002) A typical process to evaluate a project involves assessing its net manifest value by discounting the future cash flows of a faithful with appropriate discount rate and deducting the resulting amount from the total corking outlay spent on the project. If the net present value of the project is positive it adds value to the devoted and if it is negative, it could not add value to the firm. The value addition proposition of the capital projects is therefore their net present value. If the net present value is positive, it adds value to the firm and the shareholders. Positive NPV of the project therefore is considered as the find criteria for adding value to the firm. If NPV of the capital project is negative, it is assumed that it will not add value to the firm and so could not maximize the value of the firm or the value for the shareholders. Major capital projects with positive NPV jock the orga nizations stock prices to ontogeny by such projects give a signal to the investors that the firm is adding more capacity to it and expanding its markets. Expansion through new capital projects therefore also allow the firms to increase the future cash flow generation of the firm and hence increase their share prices also.

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Analysis of the Airbus Strategies Adopted in Startup Case Study

abbreviation of the Airbus Strategies Adopted in Startup - Case Study ExampleAirbus competitive offer to its customers was a authorisation because it rivaled established brands. This increased customers and amend Airbus mart share in the aircraft industry. Similarly, pooling of financial and technological resources in quad European countries in the manufacture of Airbus aircraft was a strength to Airbus. This gave the company the finances required to create a competitive advantage. The last strength was strong industry policy in Europe that favored the succeeder of Airbus, translating to 26 billion in subsidies that enabled the company recovery of 70 % enormous development costs. This improved fight and efficiency of the Airbus, hence competed favorably with established global players, McDonald and Boeing.Two weaknesses plagued Airbus, loses due to discount pricing as a way to gain increased market share and lack of established reputation with airlines on safety, quality and m aintenance in the earlier years of the companys operations. This led to needing reduced prices, improved maintenance practices, and increased competitiveness by Airbus to overcome the weaknesses.The main threat to Airbus was a ready market for McDonald and Boeing from U.S. military equipment. This reduced Airbus competitiveness in the U.S. market due to superior sales and profits by McDonald and Boeing. Secondly, Mc Donald and Boeing control of the U.S. market was a threat to Airbus growth and ambitions of increased market share.A building of high-quality Airbus aircraft acted as an opportunity as it gave consumers an alternative to U.S. aircraft.

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Ethical Business Desicion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Ethical Business Desicion - Essay ExampleAt other instances it energy be a more complex issue that requires a lot of struggle and hard pass away forrader coming to a conclusion and making the right survival. Deciding what is right is most of the cadence not all that easy.Ethical decision-making may be elaborated further by the use of a real-world example of a 45-year-old lady named Sheila (Susca, 2006). Sheila is a dedicated and hardworking head of the human resource segment of a large company. And just like any other leader, she too was faced with an ethical quandary in the working environment.A few years back, her company considered hiring a former member of staff. This peculiar(prenominal) employee had in the past schemed against Sheila and had given her severe pain and suffering. She chose to remain quiet back then and had travel on as he left the company. According to his resume, he was fit for the position and had a quash of good qualities and skills needed for expandin g the business and the company. Now it was up to Sheila to decide what decision is in the better(p) engross of everyone in the company and herself.Utilitarianism is the act of maximizing utility or happiness of all the concerned people. answer utilitarianism considers the maximal happiness to a maximum number of people. Rule utilitarianism however states that according to the rules, an action that brings nearly the greatest utility should be taken. The rule utilitarian abides by the truth. (Prevos, 2004)According to act utilitarian, that act... (Prevos, 2004)3. A glib-tongued argument based on the theories and fact in the scenario.Sheila may ask herself a question Is this a good person to hireAccording to the rule utilitarian, the honest answer according to Sheila would be No. According to act utilitarian, that action must be taken which brings about maximum utility to maximum people. In this case, a yes to that question would be a good choice for Sheila as this is in the best interest of the company.Sheila is challenged with this situation. Based on the theories just mentioned, hiring back the former employee would be a good choice according to the act utilitarian theory. This would bring about fruitful results in the future. Sheila must consider the potence benefits that may occur, as she has been trusted with the responsibility of hiring good prospects. Considering otherwise, employees of her company might lose faith in her, which ultimately would result in a breakdown of her confidence.All consequences, therefore, must be evaluated carefully before making an ethical business decision.REFERENCES1. Debra Susca. (2006). Making Ethical Business Decisions. The Journal of Connecticut Business and manufacture Association, Vol. 84, No. 62. Peter Prevos. (2004). Rule and Act Utilitarianism. Ethics. Monash University,

Sometimes a lie is better than the truth Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Sometimes a lie is better than the truth - endeavor Exampleexample, American troops in Pakistan front convince the Pak governing that they will never assure any mission inside Pak territory without the consent from the Pak authorities. However, they secretly conducted a mission and killed Osama Bin Laden. The Pak authorities came to know about this mission only after the mission. In this case, nobody can blame American troops for telling lies since the ultimate aim of this lie was to kill a terrorist and remedy the innocent people. creator American President George Bush convinced the world that Saddam or Iraq possesses weapons of mass destruction. He has interpreted approval for conducting military strikes in Iraq from United Nations with the help of this lie. It should be noted that UN would never grand permission to attack Iraq, had they know the intentions of Bush prior to the attack. At present, it is crystal clear that President Bush was equivocation and his intention was to destroy Iraq and Saddam since Saddam humiliated his father Bush Sr. in an earlier encounter. The execution of Saddam created mixed response in the world. Some people criticized this execution whereas others, especially the Kurds, who suffered a lot from the hands of Saddam, welcomed the execution of Saddam. In other words, Kurds believe that Bushs lie helped them in one way or another.Lies will be justified when the life is in danger. Imagine an American was caught by the Taliban. Nobody can blame the American if he tells some lies to escape from the hands of Taliban. jurisprudence officers adopt ruses when trying to catch criminals. Spies do it to serve their nations. Military forces do it to achieve victory on the battlefield (Akin). In these cases, telling lies help people in one way or another. It should be noted that it is the duty of the police officers to catch criminals and to protect the life of innocent people. In order to save the life of many innocent people, police officers may tell some lies to catch the criminals which are justified.

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The Evolution of Communication in the Technology-Focused World Essay

The Evolution of Communication in the Technology-Focused World - Essay prototypeCurrent issues are discussed, such as how sexting represents a dilemma for public officials, and why its classical to select complex, hard-to-guess passwords for important online accounts. In all, the paper presents a concise look at a hardly a(prenominal) of the many areas affected by the rapid adoption of technology as a means of conference, and what it entrust ultimately mean for the duties performed by public officials. Keywords confabulation, technology, criminal justice, public sector The Evolution of Communication as the World Becomes More Technology-Focused Communication, as defined by the Oxford English Dictionary, is the successful conveying or communion of ideas and feelings. The methods by which such conveyances are made have been widely divergent through time. Whereas in the yonder past, the dominant mode of communication might have entailed making gestures combined with short words or phrases to make ones intentions known, the advent of the modern technological era has spawned an entirely new peg down of figure of speechs. The rapid rise in the speed and breadth of global communications enabled by technology has given up rise to a number of descriptive labels. Industry expert Manuel Castells, a professor and Wallis Annenberg Chair in Communication Technology and Society at the University of Southern California, has dubbed the era as, the network society (Castells, 2010). He postulates, I contend that around the end of the second millennium of the common era a number of study social, technological, economic and cultural came together to give rise to a new form of society (p. xvii). The referred to paradigm shift in communication is cited by Castells as creating a shift from traditional mass media to a system of horizontal communication networks organized around the network and wireless communication (p. xviii). Adopting a preventative tone, he notes that a fundamental cultural transformation has taken place, based on digital training processing, that has engendered a generational divide between persons born before 1969, which he marks as the Internet Age and those thereafter. While wholesale changes to longstanding global societal structures have doubtlessly created a sense of freak out among some, the ability to instantly communicate has brought about many improvements worldwide. In the critical area of health care, communication technology has enabled unprecedented levels of access to information on diseases and treatments, which are instantly accessible over Internet-based protocols. Innovations such as Web-based medical collaborations, wherein practitioners in different geographical locations can share data from a whizz clinical record, have become a vital part of the treatment process (Sands, 2008). Advances in communication technology have completely reorganized the traditional business model. Whereas once only the larger c orporal structures had the wherewithal to distribute goods and services worldwide, global access is now easily accessible to even small proprietors.

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Critique of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Essay Example for Free

Critique of the Universal Declaration of tender Rights EssayThe Universal Declaration of Human Rights, came as a reaction to the dreadful damages of the Second World War. This declaration was built check to the fundamentals of equality. It lists us all of our advanceds, all of our freedoms and how we can express them freely. It was constructed on the basic fact of it organismness just, equal to all, and right. However, are all articles applicable on all of mankind? Or can some of these be questi one(a)d? Generally, all of these articles should be applicable for the majority of humans, hardly not all of them. There is evermore an exception to the rule.There is always an outlier that doesnt follow the rules. Many countries have rejected or not signed this declaration, therefore this declaration isnt pertinent everywhere. One can find a bay window of exceptions for many articles. Article 1 states that all human beings are free and equal in self-worth and rights, that they are endowed with reason and conscience and should act toward one another in a aspect of impart. Nonetheless, not all human beings are reasonable and conscious of everything they do. Take serial killers for example. Their acts prove of inhumaneity. A man with reason and/or conscience would never do much(prenominal) a thing.Also, should we give overweening people the same rights as the ones reasonable people have? Should they have the same privilege as others even if they have no sense of reason or conscience? The United Nations General aggregation also mentioned the fact that people should act in a spirit of brotherhood. Look around you, what brotherhood? Is killing each other brotherhood? Is fighting and starting wars brotherhood? Is forgetting every moral and pay off way of acting just to get to power brotherhood? A definite no is the make better answer to these questions. There are no signs of brotherhood around us.On the contrary, if one takes a stopping point look to o ur surroundings and everything around us, humans, one will only notice nothing but signs of disputation and opposition. Article 2 raises the issue of the fact that were all equal in terms of rights and freedoms without specialization of any kind, such as race, color, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, ancestry or other status. Despite that, distinctions according to race, color, sex, religion, etc still exist in our modern society. Movements of racism, sexism, and religions distinctions still exist, but of course, lesser than before.People are still fighting and battling to erase these distinctions completely. This is a process every soul looking for an equal and just world should follow. Article 5 states that no one shall be subjected to straining or to be cruel, inhumane or degrading treatment or punishment. What about those who commit inhuman acts, those who torture other humans for the fun of it, dont they deserve to hav e a try of their own medicine? One should be treated the way one treats others. So if one tortures one another, that one shall be tortured or punished. Part 2 of article 15 articulates the fact that no one shall be deprived of his nationality.Well, what if that individual was involved in acts of high treason? What if that person false his back on his country and denied his own nationality. That person definitely does not deserve to hold his nationality and shall be deprived from it immediately. Articles 18 and 19 talk about the fact that everyone is free to express their thoughts, opinions, religions. Some thoughts and opinions competency actually harm others. Physically or mentally. In that way, it will refrain article 1. An example of such opinions/thoughts/religion would be Satanism and the Ku Klux Klan. These associations actions can damage others and hurt them.Therefore, these associations do not have the right to fully express themselves, but partially. They can only expres s the opinions/thoughts that do no harm to others. To sum things up, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is inconsistent its articles are not always suitable. This declaration is not structural in all countries as some countries did not sign it. This declaration fails in its goal of it being universal Exceptions can be found to some articles. Pieces of this declaration can be questioned for some hairsplitting individuals. It is not always applicable and it is not always a reliable document.

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Broken Globe Stage 2 Essay Example for Free

Broken Globe Stage 2 EssayCharacterization is the process by which authors make characters come alive for ratifiers. Authors corroborate many techniques available to portray characters, and they can broadly be divided into in operate and direct presentation. In the short story The Broken Globe, author heat content Kreisel brillantly develops the two principle characters, dent Solchuk and his give, through indirect presentation. Consistency is the key to good photograph. From ? rst person turn on of view, the reader obtains a full portrait of both snick and his draw indirectly by learning what the storyteller sees and hears somewhat objectively. Nick, the cashiers wiz, is a successful geophysicist studying the curvature of the earth. He pictures persistance, passion, and stopping point in the study of the earth. He asks the narrator eagerly with his face reddening virtually his paper to the International Congress. heretofore under the torture of his father, he still keeps his goal of proving that the earth moves. He even retorts his father by saying You can bewilder me and break my globe, but you cannot stop the earth from moving. This passage shows his determination in his belief.On the other hand, Nicks father adopts personas of sophistication during the short visit of the narrator. His father is stubborn that he only believes what he sees is the truth the earth is ? at, and she stands still. He is to a fault imptuous and fractious that he beats Nick like he is the devil when he wants Nick to accept the same concept of the earth as he believes. two characters argon consistent and static, for they are still living in their own world one lives in a ? at world and the other lives in the world of comprehension. Another signi? cant objective of characterization is to reveal motivation.Kreisels story is set mainly in Alberta, a land ? attens until there seemed nothing. invigoration in Alberta, Nicks father sees only the open prairies and ? elds e very(prenominal) day thus he perceives that the earth is exactly ? at and still as what he sees. Moreover, the reader learns that he is hard to reassign his mind because he received an education of sorts when he was a boy. Therefore, he believes that the earth is the center of the being and the center is still. Similarly, Nicks motivation is intrigued by a teacher who teaches him the earth is round and is moving.This teachers enthusiasm is infectious as Nick says. The teacher shows Nick a world bigger than the ?at prairies, a world that is exuberent. Although the two characters own views of the world contradict one another, they do reverence and love each other. To build characters that convincing, the author must make their actions realistic and believable. Nick and his father are plausible due to their backgrounds. Nicks father is taught that the earth is ? at and still, and what he sees outside in Alberta is only the far-distant prairies with neither hill nor tree nor bush. Furthermore, Nick, suffering from the violence of his father, always illustrates indomitable perserverence in pursuit the truth. He continually shows to his father a globe can move, even though he knows his father will be mad. People with bond ? de determination can achieve their goals, just like Nick achieves his goal and becomes a geophysicist (to prove his father wrong? ). Altogether, they both are rounded characters in that they demonstrate many attributes and traits. Nicks father is a stubborn, impulsive, and fractious father whereas Nick is a passionate, indomitable, and permanent geophysicist.In the story The Broke Globe Henry Kreisel effectively utilizes many techniques to develop characters, and further reveals a thoughtful insight into life. Nicks father who insistently believes that the world is ? at and still lives in his own broken globe, where Satan has taken over all the world but him. 1. ingest Task for English 12 Writing Prepared by Seaquam Page 15 Charact erization A Father and a Son, How the Apple Falls Characters can make a short story replete and worth reading. In Henry Kreisels The Broke Globe the discordences in ethics between a man and his father is seen through the eyes of a somewhat neutral narrator.Nick Solchuk is a undimmed man of science, while his father is the polar opposite. His father is a pious prairie farmer who does not cling to higher education or the values its teaches. Even though these characters are presented indirectly, Kreisel utilizes other methods to develop the characters. He shows them as static and round characters who are plausible and who remain consistent. Being ? rst person narrative, no direct presentation is used because the author cannot speak directly. He simply assumes the persona of a a narrator and therefore all presentation is indirect. One can ?nd out a lot about a character by what others say about him. Nicks father is developed in the beginning during the conversation between Nick and the narrator. At this point the reader discovers that Nick and his father differ in many ways. Obviously, Nick is a man of great intelligence as the narrator say, he studied at Cambridge and got his doctorate there and was now doing research at the Imperial College. The reader also learns that despite being a brilliant man, nick whistfully remembers his unproblematic childhood growing up in Three Bear Hills, Alberta. Nicks father is developed much the same way later on in the conversation.Nick reveals that his father is a polar opposite. Nicks father is shown as a religious prairie farmer with a strange imagination. Nick also explains why there is strain between himself and his father. Curious man my father. He had strange ideas and a strange imagination too. He couldnt understand why I was going to school or university. I suddenly realized that the form of the world he lived in had O been O ? xed for him by some medieval priest in the small Ukranian villiage he was born in O nevertheless he still lived in the universe of the medieval church. The reader now knows that Nick and his father are very different. Dialogue becomes a very important part of this story. The reader learns a lot about the father by what he says and by what he says he does. The ? rst meeting between the father and the narrator shows a lot about the father. You friend of NickOWhat he do now? O still tampering with the earth? Now, it has been con? rmed that Nicks ideas differ greatly from his fathers. Nicks father may be a simple prairie farmer, but that does not mean that he is rude. The father acts very formally when inviting the narrator inside his house.He stands as the narrator comes in, which is a sign of respect he even brings out coffee for the narrator. The reader continues to learn about the relationship Nicks father has with his son, and certain other people. The father explains how he exploded at a teacher for letting Satan in and for teaching Nick science at school. Th is act shows how the father deals with other people. The father goes on to elaborate on how he dealt with Nick as a child. I grab him by the arm and I shake him and I beat him like he was the devilOAnd he made me madder and madder because he doesnt cry or shout or nothing. I would of killed him right there for sure. The reader now knows how he handles his son. Nick and his father are both static, round characters. They do not change at the end of the story, but they have many traits. Nicks father proves he does not change by saying to the narrator Satan has taken over all the world. Then he suddenly rousled himself and hits the table with his ? st crying passionately, But not me Not me The characters act consistently throughout the story. The Broken Globe is a deeply driven character story. Both main characters are well developed. In some cases, the apple falls very far from the tree.

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Sample Speech To Persuade Essay Example for Free

Sample Speech To Persuade EssayI. BodyThe problem that we are lining is the deadly mathematical product of H street an Laurel Avenue. This intersection is dangerous to us all because it has no stop white. According to a summary of Lompoc urban center constabulary reports filed within the last 14 months, in that respect live with been 19 collisions at the corner of H Street and Laurel Avenue. Of these, 19 collisions, 11 were attri onlyed to the chastening of East/West Laurel Avenue traffic to stop at H Street. The remaining 8 accidents were attributed to motorist traveling North and South on H Street, striking cars in the rear that had fair(a) turned on to H street from Laurel Avenue. An analysis of Lompoc traffic accidents was prepared by Mr. J. T. dark-brown of the California Department of Motor Vehicles Mishap Investigation Division, and published February 22nd,1996. In this analysis, the underlying cause of these specialised 19 traffic accidents was listed as the l ack of adequate traffic control at the intersection of H Street and Laurel Avenue. The analysis further went on to site the installation of a traffic prognosticate as the recommended solution.I shit copies of both(prenominal) the Summary of Lompoc metropolis Police reports and Mr. Browns analysis If you would care to retrospect them for yourself later. Well, at one snip that weve examined the nature of the threat we are facing lets back out a look at what has been do so far t defend against this threat.II. Debate by urban center officials and increased patrols by truth enforcement have non solved the problem.The Lompoc City Council has debated installing a traffic planetary house. During the last two City Council group meetings held in January and February of this year, the council acknowledged the need for a traffic signal but concluded that the cost of $127,000.00 would take away from funds needed for other city projects.Police increased patrol of this dangerous su bject field from October to December of 1996. 6 of the 19 accidents occurred during this three month period. Police can non be permanently assigned to observe one intersection. Manning just wont permit that.According to Patrolman Danny Glover, a Lompoc City Policeman who was involved in the additional patrol of the H Street and Laurel Avenue intersection area (and I quote) While Police were present and visible, people were normally more careful, but when no police were present it was business as usual. So weve taken a look at what has been make so far, now lets look at what we can do to further protect ourselves.III. In outrank to protect ourselves and those we love, we can drive defensively, but most importantly, we must demand a traffic light be installed without further delay.Driving defensively is eer a good idea. Just being advised of a dangerous situation will naturally make us more alert. The more thoughtful we are bothwhere, but particularly at this dangerous intersec tion, the more apt we are to avoid an accident. but driving defensively is just not enough. We must have that traffic signal and we must have it NOWWhen we get this traffic signal installed we will all be safer. Tragedies will be prevented. The city council must hear our voices. Remember, 27 people have already been seriously injured and 4 have died at this intersection. $127,000.00 may be a lot of money but can we afford not to spend it on a traffic signal for the intersection of Laurel Avenue and H Street? How long will it be before you and I are one of those accident victims? How often do you use this point of intersection? Will you use this intersection this evening when you leave class? We cant dwell both longer If we do not act now and demand the installation of this traffic signal then we will be contributing to the injuries and deaths and pain to surviving families because of our lack of action. We must act nowThe next City Council meeting will be held April 12th, next T hursday at 700 p.m.. The order of business includes comments and a call to vote on this traffic signal issue. The more of us who attend that council meeting and support immediate installation of a traffic signal, the better the chance we will have of getting it.Ladies and Gentlemen, attend that meeting with me and with me, demand this traffic signal be installed immediatelyConclusion1. SummaryWell, tonight we took a look at the nature of a serious problem we are all facing. The Intersection of Laurel Avenue and H Street is a disaster waiting to happen to you and me and those we love. Remember the two separate documents which point to the lack of a traffic signal at this dangerous intersection as a prime contributing factor in the accidents which occurred there.Remember the 27 injured and 4 who were killed there, not one block from where we are right now. Then we discussed what has been done so far by both city officials and law enforcement to deal with this problem.We saw that the City Council has been debating installing a traffic signal. We saw that the Police Department tried increased patrol of the area. But remember the words of Patrolman Glover, when he verbalize that as soon as police were not immediately present it was business as usual.And finally, We looked at what we can do to further protect ourselves from the threat posed by the serious problem of no traffic signal at the corner of H Street and Laurel Avenue.Remember, driving defensively is always a good idea. But most importantly, we saw that the immediate installation of a traffic signal is our best defense against this threat and we need to let our City Council know that we cant wait any longer.2. Purpose StatementSo, ladies and gentlemen, now you have the information that can literally save your life. And so the time for action is here. I urge you to go to the City Council meeting with me next Thursday at 700 p.m. and demand a traffic signal be installed at the intersection of Laurel Avenue and H Street immediately3. ClosureIf you need a ride to the meeting or if you have any questions, see me after class. Ill be happy to talk with you.

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Fast-Food Gone Bad Essay Example for Free

Fast-Food Gone Bad EssayAn pipeline is an implicit dialogue that has importance to appeals. This is done by using different elements of an melody, in which the different separate are the claim (or thesis), the support, the enjoin, the warrant, the appeals to the auditory modality, and the antagonistic line of descent that is being used in the scenario. In this essay that Michele Simon has wrote she examines the pathologic choices of the some restaurants and explains on how theyre misleading the healthy people in the World. In Michele Simons counterbalance the Healthy Choices at Fast Food Restaurants Are Unhealthy, uses all of the parts and the elements of an argument in her essay. The first statement that Simon makes is In response to sharpening criticism from nutrition advocates, fast-food franchises have added supposedly healthy options to their lineups (Simon 473). This would be Simons claim, which would be the thesis statement of her argument. This is what the author or the person who wrote the situation is trying to certify you what theyre trying to answer or trying to prove in their argument.Arguments typically have tether types of claims claim of fact, claim of value, and claim of insurance policy. In Simons argument her thesis is a claim of policy because she is trying to make a solution to figure out on that point riddle and make it split up so there washbasin be some function done about this or try to make better. We know there are many problems with fast food and Simon proves her argument by going on and expression different reasons for why this is true in her essay. The warrant is a belief or principle that can be assumed based on the argument.The warrant is never stated in great detail, and it moldiness be drawn from statements made by the arguer. While it is non said by Simon her warrant is up to now clear and rise understood. In Simons argument as implies that fast-food restaurants are not committed to the well being of t heir patrons (Simon). Also it is said that Simon thinks that fast-food restaurants are misleading to consumers who are trying to eat healthy. This also warrants that menu items are misleading and sometimes confusing for the consumer that is buying the product.The consumer could think that they were getting something healthier then a cheeseburger, but in all truth its actually worse than that cheeseburger. She must appeal to her audience in order to win the argument, by saying that a majority of fast-food restaurants are not state the truth about their menu items and that there not healthy. The evidence is used to bemuse strength to the argument and to prove the support for the claim. Many pulps of evidence are found in examples, statistics, and expert is brought in to give valuable feedback on the argument.Simon provides many forms of evidence to back up her claim that she has possessed. In her first form of evidence she implies The new Happy Meal option, which includes a sugar- loaded caramel dipping sauce (Simon 473). She is implying that this idea is not overmuch better then French fries because the caramel dipping sauce is full of sugar. Simons next problem was that she mentions instead of a coke, kids can now have apple juice or milk (Simon 475). This evidence Simon is trying to say that the apple juice and milk is still full of sugars and its still not good for your churlren.The next support of evidence for her claim is that she implies that calling the chicken crispy instead of heat is misleading (Simon 474). She mentions that because if a person hears this that would automatically think that this is healthy salad. She is implying that is should just be called fried because so many people could get this confused. The logos support and evidence has support from multiple studies with facts and stats, given as evidence. Ethos supports from appeals to individuals in dealing with menu items and the choices on it. Pathos is used throughout her essay by braggy thought to how unhealthy fast-food is.She mentions that For a toddler who needs 1,000 calories per day, a Happy Meal consisting of four sniveller McNuggets, small French fries, and a low-fat chocolate milk totals 580 calories, or more than half of a childs daily recommended calorie intake (Simon 475). Simon is saying that no matter what youre getting at a fast-food restaurant its going to be unhealthy for you, and your children. The counter argument Simon takes into consideration the argument opposing her claim, Simon doesnt spend much time about a counter argument, but it is address in her essay. Simon grants Go ActiveAdult Happy Meal (Simon 476). Which fell through and done forth with because it didnt work. Simon points out In 2004 Ruby Tuesday reduced some portion sizes and added healthier items (Simon 476). Another thing that Simon points out that was that Wendys garnered great press in February 2005 for its bold decision to add fresh return to its menu (Simon 476). S imon has all of these examples for the counter argument that the fast-food industry is getting somewhat better. In conclusion there are many parts of an argument, and Simon uses all of these parts to successfully get her argument crossways effectively.She makes her claim, and then backs it up with the right support and to make his claim even stronger. Then she successfully gets the warrant across which has great appeal to the audience and is needed to make the claim that much stronger. Then finally Simon uses her counter argument to address to her audience what has been happening in the years past to try and fix the problem. whole kit and boodle Cited Simon, Michele. Even the Healthy Choices at Fast-Food Restaurants Are Unhealthy. . 473-75. Print. Excerpt from The Purposeful Argument A Practical Guide. capital of Massachusetts Patricia Bostian, 2006. N. pag.

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Romeo and Juliet and Much Ado About Nothing Essay Example for Free

Romeo and Juliet and Much flap About zilch EssayIntroductionWilliam Shakespe are was mention for his marvellous works in making plays such as Much Ado approximately Nothing and Romeo and Juliet. It is these two plays that will be analysed, comparing the get laid scenes, and showing how women, savor, power and jointure in the cadence of Shakespeare, as his plays have a reflection on some(prenominal) aspects of the culture at his time.Romeo and JulietIn Romeo and Juliet, the lovers which were Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet, had a secret, albeit forbidden relationship, due to their families in an ongoing feud with apiece other. Juliet, at the young age of 13, was pressured, and at last commanded to (or else she would be disowned), splice Count Paris. This shows that around the time of Shakespeare, parents could make their daughter, even at young ages, join a man even if they didnt want to.When Romeo and Juliet first glanced eyes on superstar another, fell in love a nd got married, showed how Juliet, defied her novices wishes for her to marry someone. That he had chose for whatever reason. This showed that women were, at the time of Shakespeare, moving from a male dominated system, to a system where females were becoming self-dependant on their choices, showed when she chose Romeo over Prince Paris.As Capulet discovered the body of Juliet (when she faked her death) her father calls it as having it deflowered his daughter. Deflowered can be fall uponn in two definitions as dictated in the dictionary_1._ _To take a behavior the virginity of (a woman).__2._ _To destroy the honor, integrity, or beauty of ravage.__The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth stochastic variablecopyright 2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Updated in 2003. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved._In this situation, it can be taken as both, but is more than directed towards the second meaning, that Juliet had not reached the full age of a person, robbing her innocence of her young age, robbing her of lifes pleasures.When Romeo discovered the body of Juliet in the Crypt, not knowing that she was exactly in a do drugs induced coma, killed himself, in an attempt to join her in the afterlife with poison, epoch the same thought cut across Juliets mind when she awoke and saw the dead body of her love, Romeo suiciding with his dagger in the process.This suicide was against the beliefs of Catholics, (which they were a both pull up stakes of) who believed suicide will lead to Hell, and instead of the Religion of Love, and how the belief was instead that the suicide of two lovers with the intention of meeting one another will lead them to paradise.This showed the love that Romeo and Juliet had for each other it went beyond the levels stage by their families religion, and them crossing into another.Much Ado about NothingIn Much Ado about Nothing, the main characters, Claudio, numbfish, Benedick and Beatrice , are each in a relationship. Claudio, who had recently returned triumph at war, locomote in love with Hero, the beautiful young daughter of Leonato (the governor of Messina) and the cousin of Beatrice. Claudio discusses with his friend Don Pedro, the nobleman from Aragon about marrying Hero, within a few days of seeing her.The speed in which Claudio wanted to marry Hero is a demonstration of Love at First Sight, which could show how some people at around Shakespeares time, if they liked someone, asked in a short duration of time, to marry him/her.Marriages in this play were straight-forward, with the to-be Husbands existence given a chance to decline marrying the other, which was what Claudio exactly did, after being shown what he believed to be shown Hero having sex with another man.With the constant arguments between Benedick and Beatrice in the play, they exchanged numerous vows, comments, offenses to each other. that they were, in reality, in love with each other, as they e xchanged comments that could easily be linked to admitting love such as this_BENEDICK What, my_ _DEAR_ _Lady Disdain Are you yet living? BEATRICE Is it possible disdain should die while she hath such meet food to feed it as Signior Benedick? Courtesy itself must exchange to disdain, if you come in her presence._This extract from the play shows that although Beatrice and Benedick are trading with each other disallow comments, they are doing it in a playful manner, in a way that does not do that a great deal damage, and expresses love. If Benedick truly did not like Benedick, he wouldve not used the word dear when he was addressing Beatrice In the above extract.The language of the time was in such a manner that it was possible to mixed bag love and distain in the same sentence, something that has unfortunately not being carried on into modern English.Love was show also by writing poems, such as when Benedick was writing a poem for Beatrice and vice-versa. Although at the end of t he play they utter as if they did not love each other, the poems they wrote each other spoke for what they really had in their hearts. Shakespeares legion(predicate) poems also showed that people showed affection to each other in some(prenominal) forms, like writing poems to each other at around his time.Comparison of the Two PlaysRomeo and Juliets love scenes are of young people falling in love. In MuchAdo about Nothing, a resembling view is held between Claudio and Hero, but not in Benedick and Beatrice. Their love was more of a traditionalistic way of loving, by slowly finding out if someone they loved had any sincerity towards them whereas in Romeo and Juliet, they skipped that principle and went straight into the relationship parts of things, and agreed to be married in only one night.Women were presented in Romeo and Juliet as under men, whilst in Much Ado about Nothing they appeared like they had more rights and privileges.However, in both plays, intentions to marry were both conducted the differences being that Romeo did not ask permission from either his father or Juliets father to get married, and instead only asked her to marry, whilst Claudio had to ask Leonato, Heros dad for her hand in marriage. This showed some people around Shakespeares time were moving from the idea that you had to ask permission to get married, and instead only asked the person they intended to marry for permission.Saying that, the actual marriage ceremony was similar, the difference being that Romeo and Juliet held their marriage in private with no witnesses except themselves and the Friar due to the situation, whilst in Much Ado about Nothing, there was a large group of people witnessing the marriages.This showed that people around that time could have their marriage conducted privately or publicly.The way the characters from both expressed love to each other was different. Romeo and Juliet expressed their love for each other in a very passionate, and fiery way, while Benedick and Beatrice had theirs disguised in the way they spoke to each other, and how they felt to one another. Claudio and Hero had a relationship, although they had a different way of expressing it. They did not make out with each other, nor did they use disguised words, they had a more indirect relationship.This ultimately shows how love was in Shakespeares time it could beexpressed in many ways, as it is today.ConclusionRomeo and Juliet, and Much Ado about Nothing, were a reflection of Shakespeares times, the way love, power, marriage and women were at the time. His plays portrayed how he interpreted the usage were of the time, as well as give an insight into the language of the time (although he did invent many words into it).

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Metamorphosis and the Yellow Wallpaper Essay Example for Free

Metamorphosis and the discolor W everypaper EssayCharlotte Perkins Gilmans The Yellow Wallpaper and Franz Kafkas Metamorphosis contain many similarities. They both have the super acid theme of the adulteration of the main characters life and mind, as well as the theme of the ostracism of outcasts in society. They also both deal with the main characters gaining a freedom through the demise of their previous lives. The cleaning woman in The Yellow Wallpaper is slowly deteriorating in mental state. When she first moves into the room in the emeritus house, the wallpaper intrigues her. Its pattern entrances her and makes her wonder about its makeup. But slowly her obsession with the wallpaper grows, taking over all of her time. She starts to see the pattern moving, and imagines it to be a woman trapped behind the wallpaper.The total deterioration of her sanity is reached when she becomes the woman she imagined in the wallpaper and begins creeping around the room. Similar to the woman in Gilmans story, Gregor, in The Metamorphosis, watches as his life slowly deteriorates. He woke up one morning to find himself to have taken the shape of a bug. But early on he tried to continue in his principle activities he focused on how he was going to make it to the train station so he did not miss his train, and how his employer would be upset with his absence from work. Then he begins to realize that he is a bug, and he cannot live his life the same way he used to. His sister begins to take fretfulness of him, and he loses touch with everything human that he used to know. His mother and father take away all of his furniture and other possessions. Gregors family come to the agreement that the bug must be eliminated, it was not

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Nightmares. The moment of terror Essay Example for Free

nightmares. The moment of terror EssayThe moment of terror you feel when being follow by a disguise killer, running for your life through a dark alley. You cry bug out and scream for help but no one derriere hear you. You fall, and before you know it, the masked killer is standing right in front of you. He pulls out an axe and you wake up drenched in sweat, realisticizing it was all just a nightmare. We all maintain experienced this moment, maybe more than once. Nightmares can be very disturbing because it is hard to understand what produces it and why it acts a certain way. Nightmare is defined as a dream during the rapid eye movement, which provokes intense negative feeling, such as panic, fear, terror, or anxiety. Everyone has experienced a nightmare one time or another in his or her lifetime. But what happens when nightmares start occurring constantly?The fact is more children experience nightmares more frequently than adults. It is estimated that 50 % of the universe does not experience nightmares, according to research done by Tucker Shaw. Approximately 5 to 10% of the population only recommends nightmares once a month, but only small percentage of the population remember nightmares that are disturbing enough effect their lives.According to Freud, the first psychologist who paid much attention to dreams, verbalize that nightmares occur based on painful experiences of the past, to startling events that occurred in childhood and even birth itself. These grand memories of the past left behind psychic problems that an helpless infant could not solve in that given(p) time period. In fact, any grieving experience may leave a nightmare sick person in angst and guilt. In this perspective, built is associated with the energy used for repetition of undesirable thoughts occurring in both real life and dreams.A person constantly dreams about unfinished situation until that person is able to resolve through their guilt or angst. Freud called this situ ation a repetition compulsion. This pattern was as well as portrayed in Shakespeares Macbeth. When Lady Macbeth wants Macbeth to kill the kind, first she does not feel any guilt for committing such a sin. But her guilt occurs itself in a nightmare, which makes her go insane.A physical illness can similarly cause nightmares, but it is not yet proven whether it is the illness or the stress that causes it. Neurological overturn can also be the cause associated with the occurrence of nightmares such as epilepsy and postencephalitic Parkinsonism. Stressful events in a persons life such as time of midterms/finals, jobs, moves, or the loss of a significant, can all produce nightmares.One proven generalization of nightmares is that it always leaves a person feeling helpless. In frequent nightmares that involve getting chased by masked killer, or falling off a cliff, generally leaves the dreamer in distress and feeling powerless. A decrease in nightmares usually occurs as a dreamer become s more confident, and more mature.There are some myths about nightmares that are associated with demons or evil spirits that can be the cause of these unpleasant dreams. some(prenominal) people believe that a person feels an anxiety attack when a demon is pressing up against a dreamers chest during their sleep. These anxiety attacks occurring during sleep were considered a form of black magic, or even affiliated with possession. Some people also believe that eating something distasteful before going to sleep maybe also be the cause of it, but there isnt any solid evidence for these myths. In psychology, there are different perspectives to nightmares. Some scholars believe that nightmares have no material function.However, others believe that nightmares reflect the actual fears and attitudes of the dreamer. In this study, a nightmare appears as a process of events that occurred during the day. Latest study proves that dreams do have an important function. Evidence suggests that dr eaming, like most other physiologic events, is important for learning and memory processing, gives cognitive feedback about a persons mental functioning and helps a person adapt to worked up and physical stress (Moffitt, 1993, p. 118).The themes of nightmares seem to be quite universal. These nightmares have symbolic interpretation and show the detonate of personality where a problem most likely exits in real life. It seems as if nightmares have involved function.ReferencesNightmares. 123HelpMe.com. 30 Sep 2013.Time life books. Dreams and Dreaming. 1990 Time life Books Inc. Tucker, Shaw. Dreams. New York 17th Street, 2000.

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Should Women Be Allowed to Play Against Men in Sports Essay Example for Free

Should Women Be Allowed to childs play Against Men in Sports EssayEvery sports fan hates to admit the fact that sports are simply business, exactly it is undeniable that sports are one of the most lucrative businesses in the U. S. Right now the market for womens original sports is growing rapidly. The best way for womens sporting organizations to promote and sell this market is to align with previously found organizations such as the NBA, NCAA and the USOIC. Although joining with mens organizations is a difficult process that involves compromise, merging with these organizations helps to land big idiot box contracts, gives greater furtherance, and brings in endorsements, advertisers and investors. The lack of these benefits was among the key factors in the failure of the ABL. Inversely, these are the reasons for the successes of the WNBA and womens sports in the majestics. Throughout the register of female athletics merging with male sports organizations has not always be en a pleasant experience. In 1982 the AIAW structured with the NCAA, despite the NCAA fighting tooth and nail to try and find ways out of Title IX, an act of relative that required Universities to provide equal funding for womens athletics.The NCAA did everything they could to stop the equal funding exclusively finally gave in during the 1990s. Right now the NCAA embraces its womens sports programs and has had many women represented on the executive director committee roster and even has a committee on womens athletics. Also, the NCAA has worked out television contracts with ESPN, FOX sports and CBS. This has lead to not only reporting of womens sports provided publicity. Womens games are talked about on Sports Center and College Hoops Tonight everyday during the season.The addition of the womens to the Olympics did a vision more to promote commercial secures and the advancement of womens The Womens Olympic Games went out of business shortly after the Olympics allowed women t o voxicipate. Women woolly-headed a lot with this merger at first due to the fact that women were prohibited from many Olympic events that they could have participated in as part of the Womens Olympics. These restrictions werent lifted until 1984. However in the long run coeducational Olympics are beneficial for womens sports.At the 2002 Olympics at Salt Lake City there was only two sports that regular army women did not compete in, ski jumping and the Nordic combined. Female athletes were well represented even though there were a few more male athletes in some events and the television air epoch was almost equal for both sexes. The ABL never stood a chance against the WNBA. The ABL a independent womens league and the WNBA, a subsidiary of the NBA, played a big part in putting the ABL, a separate womens hoops league out of business.The WNBA could afford to pay players less because the players could receive a lot more publicity and endorsement playing in the WNBA. The ABL made huge mistakes right off the bat. First off there season was from October to March right and competing with the NBA and the college basketball season. Thus it was harder to land large television contracts. The could only stir contracts on lower budget cable stations the Black Entertainment Television and some but not much regional coverage on the Sports Channel ( now Fox Sports).In their trinity and final year they did not renew the contact with BET and Fox Sports would appearance 16 games, a 61% decrease of games seen on TV . However they did work out a deal with CBS that would show two ABL playoff games. League went under before they could even finish the season. With the help of the NBA the WNBA was able to avoid dear(p) mistakes while using the pervious existing structure of the NBA and its capital to increase the popularity of the WNBA and ensure some monetary security.The WNBA had NBA marketers and promoters and big television contracts on NBC, Lifetime and ESPN. The WNBA j ust this season will be showing a lot more games the ever before. The LA Sparks will receive 22 of their 33 games televised nationally more importantly the WNBA had cash behind it, commercial on NBC billboards all over there home cities and their marchioness players such as Lisa Leslies were in shoe commercials. The market for womens sports is growing rapidly and a big part of this success is because of these mergers with established organization.These mergers of womens and mens sports can do a lot more for the promotion and the TV coverage then any newly formed league male or female, an example of the is the WNBA and the Olympics. Although the history of these mergers has had a shaky history in the past those days are over. There is a lot of money to be made on womens sports if promoted right and if leagues like the WNBA fail it would be a major nonplus back for womens basketball so why not have the NBA and all its promoter TV contracts and executive expertise behind them.

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Formation of an Alkene by Alcohol Dehydration Essay Example for Free

Formation of an olefine by Alcohol Dehydration EssayBeers Law is an empirical relationship that relates the absorption of giddy to the properties of the material through which the slack is travelling. In turn, absorbance is proportional to tightness and the higher the concentration, the higher the absorbance. This experiment combine Beers Law and is focused on determining the stress that various alcoholic drinks digest on biological membranes. Using five solutions of differing alcohol concentration for each of the three alcohols methanol, ethanol, and 1-propanol and a small slice of beetroot, the stir solution was placed into a plastic cuvette and then into a spectrophotometer and the absorbance of alcohol solutions were determined in sanctify to conclude which alcohol and concentration of alcohol had the greatest effect on biological membranes. The results showed that the most non-polar of the alcohols cosmos tested, 1-proponal, caused the greatest modify to the biolo gical membrane, the beet cells vacuole.INTRODUCTION The boundary between whatsoever cell and its environment is the plasma membrane, composed of a matrix of phospholipides molecules with many unalike kinds of proteins. Membranes buzz off different properties and a variety of functions, in large part determined by the specific proteins within the membrane. The offer of this experiment is to observe the effects of various alcohols on biological membranes, to determine the stress that various alcohols have on biological membranes and to conclude which concentration of alcohol has the greatest effect on biological membranes.The aboriginal plant vacuole of plant cells contains water and solutes, including water-soluble pigments. Its membrane, the tonoplast, is normally poorly permeable to water. The central plant vacuole of the descend cells of beet contains a water-soluble red pigment, betacyanin, which gives the beet its characteristic color. Since the pigment is water-soluble a nd not lipid soluble, it remains in the vacuole when cells are healthy. If the tonoplast and the plasma membrane are damaged, the vacuoles contents will escapism out into the touch environment.Membrane disruption generally occurs when the cell is dead. Methanol, ethanol and 1-propanol are very mistakable alcohols, differing only in the number of carbon and hydrogen atoms within the molecule. One possible reason wherefore these alcohols are so toxic to living organisms is that they might damage membranes. The polarity of methanol, ethanol, and 1-propanol comes from the OH group where the electrons are affected. The long the R group the less(prenominal) the attraction.If 1-propanol is the most non-polar alcohol of the alcohols being tested, then 1-proponol will cause the greatest damage to the biological membrane, the beet cells vacuole. The effect of three different alcohols, methanol, ethanol, and 1-propanol, were tested on the beet vacuole membranes in this experiment. A measu re of absorbance was self-possessed using a conductivity probe. If a beet cells vacuole membrane (the tonoplast) was damaged, the red pigment, betacyanin, leaked out of the cell.The more red pigment that leaked out into the surrounding environment and the more intense the pigment, the greater the absorbance and the amount of cellular damage sustained by the beet. RESULTS The absorbance of methanol, ethanol, and 1-propanol were collected after the alcohol solutions of differing concentrations were placed in the plastic cuvette and then into the spectrophotometer. The absorbance of methanol, ethanol, and 1-proponal followed a general trend the absorbance of the alcohol increased in relation to the rise in concentration of each alcohol solution.Figure 1. The chart depicts five solution of differing alcohol concentrations for each of the three alcohols methanol, ethanol, and 1-propanol. The alcohol with the highest measurement of absorbance was the non-polar 1-proponal. (Figure 1) DIS CUSSION The results (Figure 1), in general, fill-in the original hypothesis that if 1-propanol is the most non-polar alcohol of the alcohols being tested, then 1-proponol will cause the greatest damage to the biological membrane, the beet cells vacuole.Hence, 1-proponal had the highest absorbance. The polarity of methanol, ethanol, and 1-propanol comes from the OH group, where the electrons are effected. The longer the R group the less the attraction between the molecules. In turn, methanol, ethanol, and 1-propanol are arranged from most polar to non-polar. At concentrations of 20% methanol, 10% and 20% ethanol, and 20% 1-propanol, the absorbance did not follow the general trend of data. This is due to sources of error in this experiment. in that respect proved to have many sources of error in this experiment given the data gathered in this study and the evidence to this point. Sources of error include the size and surface area of the beat, cross contamination, and puncturing the b eet during the soul-stirring of solution. If the size and surface area of the beet slices were not uniform, bigger slices of beets had the potential to secrete a big quantity of red pigment and a greater intensity in color in turn, change magnitude the absorbance.If the alcohol solutions were not stirred in order from lowest concentration to highest concentration, cross contamination would have occurred. If lower concentrations of alcohol are diluted with higher concentrations of alcohol, the absorbance of the lower concentration of alcohol will increase. If the beet was punctured during the stirring process, a greater amount of red pigment leaked out into the surrounding environment and in turn, the absorbance is increased.Beers Law is an empirical relationship that relates the absorption of light to the properties of the material through which the light is travelling. Beers Law is represented as A = ? bc (1) Where A is equal to the absorbance, ? is equal to the poor boy absorb tivity, b is equal to path length, and c is equal to concentration. In turn, absorbance is proportional to concentration and the higher the concentration of the red pigment that leaks out into the surrounding environment, the higher the absorbance of the alcohol.

A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Essay Example for Free

A.P.J. Abdul Kalam EssayDr. avul Pakir Jainulabdeen abdul kalam was innate(p) on 15th october , 1931 at Dhanushkodi in Rameshwaram district of Tamilnadu. He did his secondary education at schwartz extravagantly school in Ramanathapuram ,B. Sc. at St . Josephs college ,Tiruchi and DMIT in Aeronautical Enginerring at the MIT,Madras (chennai) during 1954 57. After passing out as a graduate aeronautical engineer Kalam conjugate ( Hindustan Aeronautics Limited) Banglore as a trainee , and later joined as a Techincal assistant in the directorate of Technical Development and Production of the Ministry of defence. In1960s kalam joined the Vikram Sarabhai home Research center at Thumba in Kerala . he played a major role in developing the first indigenous satellite launched vehicle . in 1982,he rejoined DRDO as director and conceived the integrated direct MIssile Development programme (IGMDP) for five indigenous missiles Nag Prithvi ,Akash, Trishul ,AGNI. Dr. APJ. Abdul kalam has es tablished an advance technology look into center called Research Center Imarat to undertake development in futuristic missile technology areas . t was perhaps the most satisfying achivenent for Kalam during the missile years. Dr. Kalam has also servd as Principal Scientific Advisdor to the government of india during twenty-fifth novenber 1999-10 November 2001.Later , hequit the job and took over the job as distinguished professor at Anna University . on july 25,2002 , Dr . A. P. J Abdul Kalam was sw2orn in as the 12th president of india by chif Justice of India Shri B. N.Kirpal in central hall of parliment at an impressive function telecaste live across the parliment at an impressive function telecaste live across the res publica Dr . Kalam took the oath in the name of God as a 21 -gun salute boomed in the background. Dr. Kalam a bachelor is connoisseur of classicalcarnatic music . he plays veena in his leisure. He write poetry in Tamil , his mother -tongue . seventeen of him poem s were translated into English and published in 1994 as a book entitled My journey.He reads the quran and the Bhagavad Gita with equal devotion . he is also New Millenium , wings of Fire An Autobiography and ignite Minds . Dr. kalam is by no means a miracle man . His advice to the youngster of the nation is to dream dream and shift these into thoughts and later into actions. people Also to think big. we are a nation of a billiuon people and we must thik like a nation of a billion people . only then can we blend in big.

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The Benefits Of Music Education Education Essay

The Benefits Of Music Education Education EssayImagine yourself waking up in the morning to your iHome playing a song from one of your deary playlists. While you atomic number 18 acquire a shower, preparing yourself for the day, you start to sing a song that has been stuck in your head for days. As you be capricious to condition, your favorite radio range plays a continuous set list of the popular songs by your favorite artist that you enjoy listening to so much. You and your friend both meet up to talk approximately how many times you both have listened to the new Lady Gaga single. Because of your common interest in medicine with your best friends, during a free period all you atomic number 18 able to discuss is medication and what your favorite songs are. Even while you are leaving school later on that afternoon, your favorite station is playing yet a nonher smash hit. Something that is extravagantlyly essential to e rattlingday lift must be understood, and utilized, as frequently as possible. The positive effects of instrumental training as well as aural training, in the younger generation, have been widely acclaimed. Therefore, these components to an undivideds development should be carried through proscribed all levels of secondary coil education in order to offer a well-rounded artistic and medicamental comedy appreciation that willinging be of great aide to the student during their present lives and continuing through later adulthood.Out of the okay arts programs, medicament education is most beneficial to all aspects of an individuals development and should be made open to students.In order for a student to truly enjoy the value of precise melodic theater training in the secondary levels of education, the several benefits of this specific training must be first established. Music education is a creative outlet for adolescents to be passionate, emotional and heartfelt. Music is a counselling for students to express themselves, and in a greater focus, the emotional benefits that it provides for them. Many adolescents used music as their creative outlet from the academic and hearty pressures of middle and high school keep along with the added stress and pressure caused by home life and family authority. Music is an expression of the heart (Girl, period 15), Music is awesome Thats what makes my world go round (Girl, age 13), and the shouted message I LOVE MUSIC. ITS A WAY TO EXPRESS MYSELF (Boy, age 14) were all commentaries taken from essays on music and what it means to the students. (MENC 6).The overall concept that had emerged was that the art of music education provides students with the freedom to sound be who they are, whether that is to be different, be a person they had no idea they could become, to be accepted and heart at ease and stress free in school and through their everyday lives (MENC 7). Students have famous in academic essays that music was a greater source of a get-a-way for them. A ty pical purpose came from a girl who tell When I am angry or everything seems like its spinning out of control, I write a song. It calms me down and gets my feelings out. As for another student who stated that The plainly way for most teenagers to express their anger in a nonviolent way is through music. Music withal can act as a coping mechanism for an adolescent who is dealing with the pressures of society, family life, and the aspects of friendships and social status. call lyrics are realized as a message that act as a hope, that you do you not need to feel alone because people have come acrossd the pain and struggles that you are feeling. Students have wrote and explained that music was a great factor of coping for them, and without it being present in their struggles, it would not of been possible to expire the struggles and obstacles of the teenage life.As well as the emotional benefits which music has to offer to teenagers, it as well as has social benefits which are es sential for social interaction and influence of peer pressure.Secondary students, who participated in band or orchestra, reported the low lifetime and current use of all substances (alcohol, tobacco, illicit drugs.) (CMW 1). On the same side, the MENC newsletter also stated that Students spoke of musics social benefits in relation to its function as a distraction from involvement in spurious activity such as drugs, alcohol, smoking (cigarettes), gang life, and promiscuous sex-in their own lives or in the lives of adolescents in general.(MENC 8). Music has a strong influence on teenagers and also has the ability to deter teenagers from dangerous tendencies, by allowing the singers and instrumentalists meaning in their young lives. Being involved in orchestra, band or veritable(a) choir, provides students with the means of interacting and meeting new people, along with creating new and lasting friendships. Being involved in musical ensembles allows a person to step outside their co mfort zone and interact with new people. It also enables a student to feel secure within the separate. Images of families have been chosen to illustrate this feeling of security that they were experience as the result of taking part in the musical ensembles at their school including band, orchestra or choir.along with the numerous benefits that music provides an adolescent with, it also has an impact on how a persons intelligence and development is affected. The call into question of Can music make us much intelligent, is in the process of being explored in a series of ongoing experiments under the supervision of Frances Rauscher of the University of California, Irvine. In 1993, it was noted that, in contrast to students who merely sit down in silence or listened to relaxation instructions, thirty six college students who listened to only ten minutes of Mozarts diffuse Sonata K.448 successively experienced a substantial growth in their spatial IQ pull ahead. Another experiment was conducted later on this year, using seventy nine students and additional test situations, which confirmed that the Mozart Effect is without a doubt a real phenomenon. Last year, a pilot aim was conducted by a group of researchers where a group of three year old children were presumption music training, whether it was singing or keyboard lessons. The scores of each individual child improved significantly on the Objects Assembly Task, which was a section of the Weschler Preschool and uncreated Scale of Intelligence-Revised that could measure the spatial reasoning of a child. According to the results which were found at the American psychological Associations annual convention, it was reported that the results of a follow-up experiment which concluded that the spatial reasoning performance of 19 preschool children who conveyd eighteen months of music lessons greatly exceeded that of a comparable group of fifteen preschool children who did not receive music lessons (Rauscher 1 ). Because it draws on various attributes, music develops flexibility in thinking. Music training is a very effective way, not only to boost the conceptual-holistic-creative thinking process, but to also assist in the melding and merging of the minds capabilities. Although most musical capabilities seem to be represented initially in the right hemisphere of the brain, as a person becomes more skilled, capabilities that were stored in the right hemisphere are located increasingly in the left. (Ponter 112).Music is a very noticeable asset in the lives of the youth, and they appreciate its effectiveness in leash the course of their daily routines, along with their long-term hopes and dreams. During a free-flow of ideas, students in American secondary school wrote into their essays their individual reflections of musics roles and meanings for them in their academic studies at school and in their involvement beyond school, not only as performers but as composers and listeners as well. (MENC 11). Some of these students wrote with very cultured vocabulary, while other individuals wrote as if they were talk of the town to a friend through an informal chat application. Each student described music as a knowledge area and an enormous set of skills that bring together their notational literacy, listening awareness, motor ability, eye-hand coordination, and sharp-witted hold of musics meaning in the past and in society. (MENC 11). The performance skills of instrumental and vocal nature, were described as goals to be attained by musical study, and the sense of achievement and superiority that music education had given students, allowed them to progress their skills while performing a various range of musical repertoire and committing to the score, not only melodically but stylistically as well. According to essays that were conducted in American secondary schools, students desire more study of their specified area that is pertinent to their needs, interests, and approp riate rehearsal spaces. However, a few of the same students also wrote negatively about their emotions, while some spoke passionately of their needs of more musical study in school, lack of proper rehearsal space, appropriate practice time, and instruments that could be made available for use.Students are highly particular when it comes to the extracurricular activities which they are involved with. Some students cull to be involved with things that are beneficial to them and not just activities that are not going to help them in their lives. Some of these students are on the fence of the schools music programs, having once participated in various instrumental and vocal ensembles, but dropped them, would prefer to have curricular developments in the study of popular music styles, including rock or pop music ensembles which could be taught by music teachers and professional musicians. For these students, the typical jazz ensemble was simply not penetrating it for them. Even within the scope of what should have been an invitation to adolescents to describe the favorable assets of school music programs that should not be BAN-ned, these programs may not yet be fully in touch with the needs of a appreciable population of young people in secondary schools. (MENC 11). The lack of student participation in musical ensembles is due to their self-consciousness of being labeled as band geek. Most students in high school have this notion in their head that if they play an instrument such as the clarinet or trumpet, they will be labeled by their peers. On the other hand, students do not become involved with musical activities due to the simple fact that the music is not what they would like to be learning. According to the MENC newsletter, it states that Music should be a mandatory course just like Math, Science, and English, in all schools not just high schools. The lack of funding for the arts also has a big portion of influence to what courses are set(p) into the sch ools curriculum. Other clubs and activities such as football, basketball, and cheerleading are given greater quantities of funds which are unfair to music departments which are always being questioned for their purpose.

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Ryanair Strategic Management and Business Planning Case Study

Ryanair St ordaingic railroad cargon and Business Planning Case StudyIntroductionFol deplorableing report is found on the machinate and PESTEL analysis of the Ryanair. This report will describe approximately the strengths, weakness, opportunities and scourges of the ryanair. We will withal examine ab let out the immaterial environmental effect by using the political, Economical, social, technological, environmental and legal analysis. on that point is briefly history of the ryanair which pardon the investments and starting tasks and till now, about the condition of internally and externally environment of the ryanair. Firstly discuss about the external environmental impact on the Ryanair and related to the scheme of the Ryanair. Basic objective and aim is to leave junior-grade represent f ar religious services and outgrowth profitability and to be a leader of grocery store. By using the technique of PESTAL analysis thunder mug forecast the environmental change. For the examiner of environmental change see used contrastive approaches like Bowmens dodging clock, Anoffs matrix, Michaels porters scheme.In addition, for de conditioninant explain the porters five force de calline which confine care out in the analysis of the competitory returns , natural entrants, threats of substitutes. tog up analysis is the outdo way to examine the internally condition of the Ryanair. It has explained about the powerful element and weak elements and excessively given(p) the information about the new opportunities that Ryanair can get.Strategy ManagementStrategy is the way and scope of an plaque which pass on their goals in changing environments through its configuration of resources and competence with the aim of fulfilling stakeholder desires over the long term periods.There are fol baseing registers which explain the term strategyStrategy is concerned with the long term planning of any organization.Strategy is concerned with scope of any organ izational activities.Purpose of strategy is to achieve some payoffs for the organization over competition.Strategy is as well affect by the harbors and expectation of those who commit power in and around the organization, not only environmental forces and strategic forces.Main purpose of strategy is to achieve its aims and goal of organization.History of RyanairRyanair is one of the most aircraft in the world including 44 bases and the 1100+ down(p) fares much than 26 countries connecting with 175 countries. Ryanair has been launched by Ryan family in 1985 with the share capita 1 and 25 staff members. In 1986 ryanair has taken permission from British airways and Aer linguis. Services are launched 1st turbo 46 seats aircraft from Dublin to London in May. afterwards three year rapid growth , in 1990 ryanair faced 20m accumulated losses and Ryan family has invested more 20m and as copying the southwest airlines it was relaunched again and made new strategies under the new m anagerial systems and make outs their fares from 99 to 59 return tickets. In 1991 ryanair has changes its bases from Lutin to new airport of London Stansted which had new terminal and direct interrelate of rail services. With the passage of cartridge clip, ryanair has seen legion(predicate) changes every year. In 1995, Ryanair had untaken the British airways and Aer linguis. And too celebrated its 10th birthday with the great celebration. It be come ups biggest air route in the atomic number 63 and internationally and also lowest fare rate airline domestically. Ryanair growth increased rapidly and employees receives shares of Ryanair and Ryanair received new Boeing aircrafts. In 2000, Ryanair has launched its website for the benefit of customers like booking, accommodation, originate facilities and many more allowances as well. Furthermore, Ryanair has employed new employees and has widened career. Ryanair also promoted staff in 2007 and 2008. international EnvironmentRyanai r is largest low cots airline in the Europe. Ryanair is the largest investing and achieved its growth in friendly environment. Ryanair strategy is seek to improve its performance more. Ryanair has replaced its old Boeing aircraft to the new developed technology aircrafts. Ryanair also reduces the use of fuel and denigrate the ratio of CO2 per passenger. Strategy of Ryanair is low terms fare and more profitability. Ryanair also use the point to point journey planner and tried to not landing during the way. It also tried to reduce the time. Ryanair also reduce to affection and disturbance by the noise or aircraft. It used new technology for slight noise like new winglets and its help out in reduction of noise. Ryanair is the very low cost which is not offered to passenger for free food, drinks and many things. It safe thing not waste it. Ryanair has increased in tourism, employment direct, and infrastructure. Theses external element has great impact on the strategy of the ryanai r. Ryanair has basic objective low fares and full(prenominal) profit and giving correct customer service to the passengers. With the passage of time strategy of ryanair is developed and many changes incurred in it. Ryanair strategy is reducing the costs which include military unit, equipment cost, airport access rather than its competitors. Moreover, Ryan air with the steep productive source is movementing to improve its productivity which helps in reducing the labour cost.Ryanair strategyAfter examine the SWOT analysis and Ryanair capabilities now we can easily describe about the strategy of Ryanair. Ryanair has cost minimization strategy through this it exigency to be leader of securities industry and want to gain free-enterprise(a) advantage. Ryanair strategy is trying to focus on the air travel industry, new fleets, and airport charges route services and managing selling cost etc. Basic aim and objective of ryanair is to increase low fares services and by doing continu es do want to be European low cost scheduled airline.Moreover, Ryanair providing low cost fares for those commonwealth who take in croakled by other means of transportation and also those people did not ever travel at all. According to the statistical data Ryanair has maintained the recode of punctuality. Ryanair do point to point and non-stop routes which has reduced the cost of services. It also increase the productivity level by using work force which has help out in minimising labour cost. Ryanair also offers Bonuses, compensation, commission on the basis of hours for the encouragement of staff and personnel and crew member and pilot. Ryanair has new reservation system developed internet facility. Ryanair does not compensate with its sentry duty rules, staff training and quality insurance and do not extend its low cost strategy in theses area. For the repairing of the crafts it has contract with the third party according to the European airlines otherwise repairing and liv ing work make by itself in London. Except all of these things ryanair take care about the customer service, providing food, beverage, travel insurance, car rental and accommodation and it also provide telephonic reservation and different facilities.PESTEL Analysis of RyanairPoliticalIn political analysis of ryanair include the internal and external stability of political condition in Europe countries like Middle East. Ryanair has to follow New EU rules and regulation, expansion and duty free sales of products. presidential term has help to the ryanair to take it internationally. Government also provided full security system to the ryanair.EconomicalOutside and intimate economy is different in the Europe. Inside economy is stable while outside economy is non stable. cost of fuel is increasing day by day and depreciation of US dollar also increasing. There are some regional subsidies also preferable in the ryanair analysis. Ryan air also created linkage of amongst new spunkyly s peed trains and airport.SocialIn social analysis of ryanair, there is increase in grey marketing and also lifestyle of travelling is changing day by day. There is also change in consumers demographics. Demand and preferences of consumers also changed and fluctuated with the passage of time.TechnologicalRyanair bought new fleets and advanced technology aircrafts for the consumers satisfaction. It also introduced new software programmes for the improvement in supply chain systems. Ryanair also increase information technology, childs play and competition in the market as well. Ryanair also used satellite television and also try to reduce fuel consumption.EnvironmentalRyanair has reduced noise pollution. It has used new technological system to reduce the noise. It also saves the environment from dangerous gases like greenhouse CO2 emission.LegalRyanair has followed the legal laws. It has removed the sinful subsidies from airport. Ryanair also claim illegal advertising on the airport.F orecasting Environmental changeMichaels porter generic wine strategyPorters generic strategy explains about the cost advantage and differentiation focus. This technique is suitable for those companies who based on cost leadership and differentiation and focus. By using the cost leadership strategy ryanair got the competitive advantage and market leadership. Ryanair has earned very high profit in very short time period by using the low fares. Leadership strategy has given help to the customer for finding making. It has offered to the customer low fares and secondary to secondary flies by using the differentiation. Ryanair has purchases aircrafts not whole fleets yet has given best customer service.Ansoffs matrixIgor Ansoff focuses on the companys present and potential product /services and market situation. There are four possible combinations of growth that is existing product with new product, existing market with new market, market development and product development and divers ification.Ryanair has attracted the market towards itself by using the pattern of low cost and reasonable fares. Ryanair has diversified its staff according to the different location and destination. Ryanair is trying to expand its communication channel and developing the staff which will take it towards success.Bowmans strategy clockBowmans strategy clock explains competitive puzzle of a company with comparison of competitors. We can analyse the task and difficulties of Ryanair through this approach from last some years. There are eight different options which can describe the competitive position. These are as follows low price, low added valuate, differentiated, hybrid and focus differentiated, increase standard or price, increased price and low value or standard price. From last few years ryanair has performed very affective changes due to its effective managerial system. Ryanair has earned very high profit in very short time by pursuance the affective time schedule givin g significant value on the development of Ryanair.National advantage by using techniques of RyanairThere are different techniques through we can analyse the national advantage of ryanair.Porters five force modelBy using the porters five force model, we came to get along about the value and importance of the ryanair in Europe market. It includes threat of new entrant, threat of substitute, competitive rivalry, bargaining power of provider hand customer.Threat of new entrant mean impoverishment high profit for coming in the market level and offer customers low fares. Its difficult high investment. It also need flight authorisation. Ryanair has threat of its substitute like ferries, Euro line, cars and rail services and many other substitutes as well. It has also threat from its customers it doesnt have loyalty brand, no switching of the prices, no close relationship with the customer. Air bus and Boeing are the twain main supplier of the ryanair and the switch cost from one supplie r to another is high because if they do this they need to retained their staff again. Ryanair has more competitive power rather than small airlines because they operate regional level in small airports entirely ryanair operates on bog airports. Ryanair has threat of its customers, if the prices are sensitive than customer can easily move to other airlines through online advertisement, booking and by offering good customer service so we cannot depend on the customers.Moreover, Price of the ryanair is the main competitive element to others. There is not much differentiation low cost prices to other airlines. As LCC is the high competitive market there are chances to do the same thing. In market there are many competitors they can competition with the prices and benefit but in existing situation competitors cannot compete with dead to dead competition by choosing different service routes.SWOT Analysis of RyanairSwot Analysis describes the internal situation of the organisation. The m ain purpose of the SWOT analysis is to know about the strength, weakness, threats and opportunities of the organisation. It is also helpful to bring changes in the strategy of the organisation and came to know about the current the situation and where organisation standing and where it should have to be.StrengthsRyanair has strong brand image and due to its strong brand image it has reduced the barrier of entry to new airports and has increased the barriers for new entrant. Ryanair is first off low fares cost airline in the Europe and still maintained its image. London Stansted is the one of busiest aviation traffic zones where are bases of ryanair operationalsing. Ryanair is the innovative and has aggressive marketing quality. Ryanair has enhanced safety, higher fuel efficiency and decently income planning by offering low fares. Single aircrafts has help out in reducing training, maintenance and supervisory cost. Ryanair has reduced it labour cost by reducing by non-unionised it labour forced.Weakness controvert press report, poor customer services has knotty impact on the brand image of the ryanair. Ryanair have low level of trained personnel and also give low level of empathy and moral to the employees but ryanair need well trained craft personnel. If any new taxes are applied on new fares it become cause of misleading, wrong advertisement, misleading website become reason of sensitivity of ryanair. Mobile phones and gambling also not allowed during journey and it is discouraging the customers. Increase in the emission of CO2 and fuel consumption and it has bad impact on environment.OpportunitiesIf ryanair start better business routes and start new operation by doing optical fusion and acquisition. If ryanair fulfil the EU market requirements then due to its low fare policy it can develop the economy growth and increase the employment opportunities. OPEN SKY agreement can help out to develop its business route and consolidation of low fares. It can attr act middle class people for the travelling. Ryanair can also get new fleet on lease and it will be good source of earning.ThreatsThere many competitors in the market like LLC are direct competitor of ryanair which has affected the share market. Rich people and upper class people dont prefer low fare they want good and high class service so that is also threat for the ryanair. It can create problem to make decision in future. New rules and regulation can be threat for the ryanair, might be it can emphasis to increase the cost. Threat of war and bad weather can create problem in journey planners.Strategic capabilities of RyanairStrategic capabilities mean those skills and ability that help out to achiveve the stage of inspection of market. It has two types.ResourcescompetencysResourcesThreshold resourcesRyanair includes Flights, office equipment, head quarters, finance resources and employees.Core resourcesRyanair has also core resources which is CEO Michael OLeary.Competence Thresho ld competencesIt includes online banking system, operation of on time delivery,point to point routing.Core competencesCore competence of ryanair is low cost, no frill strategy and route policy strategy.All of these capabilities of the ryanair are the part of the SWOT. We can come to know about the resources of the ryanair and which core concepts and threshold are includes. It is also helpful in analysis of strategy of ryanair.Ryanair competitive advantageRyanair have competitive advantage because of its low fares, no frills, point to point fights, online booking, tickles embarkation and no refund policies and many more. Except theses there are many reasons like marketing on airports, no cargo service, new air crafts, new fleets and ryanair have corporate partnership which is the reason of high productivity level. Ryanair also provide basic services during journeys.Conclusion and recommendationsAt the end, in my point of visualize Ryanair should have to keep on its competitors whic h strategy techniques they are using like Virgin airline are using Bowman strategy clock so it should have to use it. Ryanair should have to offer high and good quality service with low prices through these customers will attract more. Yip and Johnson has appraised on their word Transforming Strategy that if the company is offering lower cost with the lower strategy has no work and cannot compete with their rivals. Ryanair has tried to hit the specific market like Ireland UK market by organise growth plans. Ryanair thinks that by increasing the quality service and routes from UK to Europe where the high cost service are available, it can increase the sales. Thus, Ryanair strategy low fare, good service , no frill strategy can make more profit and can increase their income level as well as they can bound in relation with the stakeholders customer and passengers.