Thursday, March 28, 2019

Flight/Your Shoes: A comparitive essay -- English Literature

Flight/Your garment A comparitive essayIn this essay I will be comparing Flight by Doris Lessing and YourShoes by Michle Roberts. The study and style for both(prenominal) stories aresimilar in some shipway and different in other ways. For example, themain trouble in both stories is the daughter leaving home for thefirst time. A nonher example of a difference is Flight is written inthird-person whereas Your Shoes is written as an interior monologue.The difficulties about the daughters leaving are in Flight, the grandpa is reluctant to let his granddaughter go off and marry.This is because she is his favourite granddaughter and his last. Heconfronted her, his eye narrowed, shoulders hunched, tight in a hardknot of pain which include the preening birds, the sunlight, theflowers. He said Think youre old enough to go courting, hey? Healso does not the like Steven, the postmasters son, and is maybe suspiciousof him and how he stack win over his granddaughter better than he canhimse lf. Waiting for Steven, hey? he said, his fingers curling likeclaws into his palm. Any objection? she asked him lightly, refusingto determine at him.In Your Shoes the scram has a bigger problem because her daughterhas already left and she does not know where she is. To justify thisshe goes angry and pretends that she is talking to her daughter througha pair of white trainers, the roughly expensive and perfect item that themother bought her daughter before she left. Ive tied the stationlaces to bemuseher so they wont get separated or lost. White laces, thatI washed and ironed. These shoes flirt what the mother would likeher daughter to be, perfect. I locked the wardrobe door on thoserebellious shoes.... ...d to Flight, theJustin Liu Maine A English AXSFlight/Your Shoes (cont)mothers condition clearly gets worse and lapses into madness at theend. Laces like strings of white liquorice. They taste sweet. Againthere is the symbolism of the shoes and again it represents the waythe mother would like her daughter to be.I favor Flight to Your Shoes because the story is much clearerand you get to see everyones point of view whereas in Your Shoesthe storyline is not so clear and harder to understand because onlyone person is speaking. However, Flight has slight detail than YourShoes because there are many more bulk to focus on. For example, inYour Shoes you know who is still alive and who is not whereas inFlight it is not as clear. However, I enjoyed both stories and musical theme that they had more similarities than differences.

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